Speaker Series

posted Mar 20, 2018, 1:08 PM by Highland Communications   [ updated Mar 20, 2018, 1:08 PM ]
Speaker Series with Jay Dicharry
Wednesday, April 18th 6:30 pm in the Highland Library
Childcare will be provided 
Please RSVP to events2@highlandpto.org

"Building Little Lifelong Athletes"
One topic near and dear to my heart is a parent's role in athletics. As parents, we seek to support our kids at every chance, but often wonder if our efforts are constructive or destructive. I'm a physical therapist, researcher, and author,  and see all too often the pressures that the kids, their parents, and society put on our young athletes as they develop. The goal is to ensure our kids love and learn from the social and sports-specific challenges they face to build better humans - not just to 'win districts!'

                      • On this night, we'll discuss:
                      • how children develop
                      • how parents can challenge their kids at the right time through sports
                      • issues with sports specificity at younger ages
                      • how to talk to your kids about their performance 
                      • important research studies to guide all this discussion. 
    There is no perfect road map, but after this talk, parents will have insight and knowledge to help them deal with the challenges they face with their own family to help the kids succeed at sports for the long term.

    Jays Bio:
    Jay is a physical therapist, biomechanics researcher, author in Bend, Oregon, USA. Jay built his international reputation as an expert in biomechanical analysis as Director of the SPEED Clinic at the University of Virginia, and now as Director of the REP Biomechanics Lab in Bend, OR. Jay blurs the lines between clinical practice, coaching, and engineering to solve injury problems and optimize performance. Jay literally wrote the book(s) on running gait assessments: he is author of “Running Rewired” and "Anatomy for Runners", writes columns for numerous magazines, and has published over thirty-five professional journal articles and book chapters. Jay has had an active research career, and consults and teaches for numerous footwear companies, the cycling industry, the US Air Force, USA Track and Field, and USA Triathlon.  Having taught in the Sports Medicine program at UVA, he brings a strong bias towards patient education, and continues to teach nationally to elevate the standard of care for Therapists, Physicians, and Coaches working with endurance athletes. His research driven focus and expertise in injury prevention, rehab, and performance training is sought out by athletes across the world, and provides his patients with an unmatched level of innovation and success.