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Trunk or Treat
Oct 28th
4:30-6:00 pm

This is a new event for the Highland Community this year put on by PTO.
Trunk-or-Treat will take place on the blacktop and parking lot at Highland.
Bring the whole family to “trick or treat” from trunks decorated with a
variety of fun themes. Each trunk’s owner will hand out candy (or treats).
Costume and decoration guidelines will be in accordance with the Bend La
Pine School District standards.


VOLUNTEERS sign up here

Trunk or Treat FAQ


  1. What is Trunk or Treat?

Simple! Trunk or Treat is exactly the same as trick or treating, except instead of going house to house, cars line up in a specified area and hand out candy from their decorated trunks! It’s a safe, fun way to trick or treat!

  1. Where will this event be held?

Trunk or Treat will be located at the back of the school (Nashville), on the blacktop and the staff parking lot. There will be two loops of cars to trick or treat from: one on the blacktop and one in the staff parking lot. Go in the direction indicated on the signs/cones for each loop. 

  1. What are the rules for Trunk or Treat?

    1. Have FUN! This is a family event, and please plan your costumes and expectations accordingly.

    2. Only trick or treat each trunk ONE TIME. Families providing a trunk are volunteering and providing their own treats to hand out. Be respectful of this and only visit each trunk once (and say THANK YOU!)

    3. Supervise your children as they are trick or treating. Stay with them.

    4. Clean up any wrappers or garbage your family creates. This is our school, its all of our responsibility to keep it clean!

  2. Can I drop my kids off?

No. We are not able to/responsible for watching any children in attendance. Parent or guardian supervision is required for all children attending. 

  1. What time does it begin/What time should I arrive?

No earlier than 4:30. Cars participating as trunks will arrive between 3:30-4:15. They will have until 4:30 to set up and prepare. For the safety of all involved, no trick or treaters will be permitted until 4:30. 

  1. What should I wear/bring with me?

Wear your Halloween costume (or any costume you want!). Just be sure that it is within the guidelines of Bend LaPine school district (No weapons, gore/horror). Use your best judgment, knowing that kids of all ages will be present. 

Make sure to bring a bag with you to collect candy in! We will not have bags available. 

  1. Who is invited?

All Highland students and their immediate families (siblings included) are invited! Other family adults (grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc) are welcome. To ensure that there is enough candy/treats for all Highland students, only siblings of current students are invited to participate (no friends, cousins, etc.). 

  1. Are pets allowed?

No. Please only include your human family members in the festivities!

  1. Is alcohol allowed?

No. Trunk or Treat is located on the Highland school grounds. No alcohol is allowed. 

  1. I cannot participate as a trunk, but would still like to be more involved. What are my options?

Thank you for wanting to contribute and help with this event! If you do not wish to participate as a trunk, you have two other options of being involved (in addition to bringing trick or treaters). You can:

  1. Volunteer to help out with a shorter shift at the event. See the volunteer sign up for a complete list of volunteers needed. We will need people before the event helping direct cars to spaces and helping set up the tables. During the event, we need volunteers to monitor the drink table (clean and refill as needed), direct participants to the trick or treating loops, and keep kids going in one direction around the loops. After the event, we will need a few people to help breakdown tables and clean up the space so it is ready for kids to come to school on Monday! 

You can donate bags of candy for participating trunks to hand out. This is a great way to help offset the cost of those volunteering to be trunks. All trunks are providing their own treats in addition to volunteering their time, and helping with candy is very appreciated! Any donated candy can be dropped off at the front office in the candy collection box.

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